The Pool and Garden

The tiled pool is beautiful and lots of fun. The pool is surrounded by a lush garden.

The pool is solar heated. Water is pumped to the roof and heated in solar tubes. It makes the pool comfortable much of the year. We do want to keep your expectations in line, however! If the sun isn’t shining, it can’t heat the water. In the dead of winter (it gets chilly at night in the winter, even in San Miguel) most will find the pool too cool. Our children swim in water that we find to be a little nippy. Last November 1st the pool was full of kids!

We have big, thick American beach towels for you to use. Amalia can get them for you. If she is not at the house, just go up into the laundry room and grab them from the linen closet.

Our gardener comes three times per week. He keeps the garden lovely and the pool sparkling. All you need to do is to enjoy it!