relaxing area
outdoor dining

San Miguel is famous for its weather, which has been called year-round Spring. Most days, it draws us outside.

We spend most of our time at the house on the outdoor sala. We visit, relax and eat here. At the end of the day, we enjoy a cocktail while watching the sunset.

We put the main living area on the second floor. This lets us take advantage of the spectacular views. The outdoor sala has both a sitting area and a dining area that seats eight. We have a Weber Genesis grill between the kitchen and the dining area for your grilling pleasure. We recommend buying some arrachera at the Mega and slapping it on the grill. It’s delicious!

When we have to work, we often do it on the outdoor sala. We have wireless access on this main floor.

The waterslide begins on the outdoor sala. Elsewhere on this site you'll see photos of the slide and the kids on it!